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Judy Adams Hazard Community and Technical College
Rachael Anglin Bruce-Trades, Forestry and Middletown
Angie Alexander Farristown Middle School (Madison)
Tonya Allen Knox Middle School
Nathan Ambrose Leslie County Elementaries
Carla Bailey Perry County Board of Education, Big Creek, Robinson & Willard Elementary Schools
Wallace Bates Jackson Independent
Kim Beatty Middletown, Forestry and Bruce-Trades
Andy Beichler Middletown, Forestry and Bruce-Trades
Sarah Belanger Forestry, Midddletown and Bruce-Trades
Lauren Bingham Tyner Elementary
Ginny Ann Blackson Forestry, Midddletown and Bruce-Trades
Mildred Blank Buckhorn School and Chavies Elementary
Rob Bowers Forestry, Midddletown and Bruce-Trades
Holly Branscum McCreary Central
Sylvia Jane “SJ” Brennan Hazard Community and Technical College
Cherri Brock Bruce-Trades
Stacy Brockman Clark Moore’s Middle School (Madison)
Kelly Brown Paces Creek Elementary
Julia Burgan Page School Center/Lone Jack School Center
Jennifer Butcher Pulaski Northern Middle School
Donavan Cain Middletown, Forestry and Bruce-Trades
Jeff Campbell Perry County Board of Education, Viper, R.W. Combs, Leatherwood & A.B. Combs Elementary Schools
Anita Caron Pulaski Southern Middle School
Pam Cate Pulaski County High School
Marlene Caudill South Laurel Middle School
Jenny Ceesay Forestry, Midddletown and Bruce-Trades
Robin Choate Pulaski County Board of Education
Sue Christian Owsley County Action Place
Paula Clemons-Combs All Breathitt County Schools
Amy Collins Manchester Elementary
Donna Collins Pulaski Northern Middle School
Craig Combs Lee County Middle School
Dixie Combs Jackson City, Sabastian Middles School and LBJ
Erin Connor Forestry, Midddletown and Bruce-Trades
Linda Cooper Forestry, Midddletown and Bruce-Trades
Crystal Couch Perry County Board of Education, Viper, R.W. Combs, Leatherwood & A.B. Combs Elementary Schools
Tracy Counts Hazard Community and Technical College
Ashley Cummins Pulaski Southern Middle School
Elaine Cummins Forestry, Midddletown and Bruce-Trades
Heather Dufour Bruce-Trades, Middletown and Forestry
Vicki Dye Forestry, Midddletown and Bruce-Trades
Crystal Erwin Bruce-Trades
Tracy Featherly Bruce-Trades
Angela Fielder Garrard County Middle School
Charlie Foster Bruce-Trades, Middletown and Forestry
Alonzo Fugate All Breathitt County Schools
Natalie Gabbard Forestry, Midddletown and Bruce-Trades
Rochelle Garrett Middletown, Forestry and Bruce-Trades
Marsha Garrison EKU Campus at Manchester
Dreama Gentry Middletown, Forestry and Bruce-Trades
Betty Gregory Goose Rock Elementary
Vicki Gumm Owsley County Elementary
Owsley County High School
Kevin Hall Forestry, Midddletown and Bruce-Trades
Sondra Hall Bruce-Trades
Heather Hammond Forestry and Bruce-Trades
Angela Hampton Hazard Community and Technical College
Kristie Harris North Laurel Middle School
Charlotte Haycraft Berea Community Middle School
Chance Hendrickson Lynn Camp School
Tyler Hensley Clay County Middle School
Terry Hosler Jackson County High School
Tonya Huff McKee Elementary
Ginger Johnson Cordia School, Carr Creek & Emmalena Elementaries
Steve Jones Hazard Community and Technical College
Penny Jordan Bruce-Trades, Middletown and Forestry
Raymond Justice Knott County Board of Education, Beaver Creek, Hindman & Jones Fork Elementaries
Sam Karcher Middletown and Bruce-Trades
Katrina Kearns Powell County Middle School
Mary Ann Keck McKee Office
Robin Keith Pulaski County Board of Education
Tennant Kirk Forestry, Midddletown and Bruce-Trades
Jenna Lawson Oneida Elementary School
Sylvester Lynn III EKU Campus at Manchester
Cayci Mahaffey Rockcastle County Middle School
Deborah Marks Hazard Community and Technical College
Amanda Massey Clay County High School
Pam Mathis McKee Office
Grace McKenzie Jackson County Middle School
Debbie McKinney Bruce-Trades
Fred McQueen McKee Office
Lauri McVicker Forestry and Bruce-Trades
Todd Moberly Foley Middle School (Madison)
Jesse Moore Forestry, Midddletown and Bruce-Trades
Kelli Moore Knox Central and Lynn Camp
Judy Murray EKU Campus at Manchester
Christy Napier Hacker Elementary School
Carla Patton Forestry and Bruce-Trades
Julie Patton Owsley County High School
Rita Payne Berea Community Elementary School
Darla Pearson Middletown, Forestry and Bruce-Trades
Jennie Pollard Forestry and Bruce-Trades
Tracy Powell-McCoy Madison Middle School
Jennifer Ramsey B Michael Caudill Middle School
Celesta Riffe Hazard Community and Technical College
Mary Jo Rist Frakes School Center and Bell Central School Center
Angela Rogers Forestry, Midddletown and Bruce-Trades
Loretta Rose Jackson County Middle School
Tammie Sanders Right Fork Elementary/Yellow Creek Elementary
Alena Brittany Sandlin Sand Gap Elementary School
Kara Santiago Middletown
Jeanelle Sears Forestry, Midddletown and Bruce-Trades
Russ Shearer Jackson County High School
Christina Sizemore Big Creek Elementary
Cathy Sue Smith Lynn Camp School
Adam Sowder McKee Office
Melissa Spangler Hazard Community and Technical College
Mary Jane Stancil Middletown, Forestry and Bruce-Trades
Linda Stone Forestry, Midddletown and Bruce-Trades
Rebecca Sumner Clay County Middle School
Sherry Taubert Forestry, Midddletown and Bruce-Trades
Tracey Thomas Forestry, Midddletown and Bruce-Trades
Marsha Tipton North Laurel Middle School
Rachel Tsvetanov Bruce-Trades, Middletown and Forestry
Samuel Wansley Clay County High School
Josh Wheeler Pulaski Southwestern
Sara White Forestry, Midddletown and Bruce-Trades
Paula Wilder Forestry, Midddletown and Bruce-Trades
Andrea Williams Estill County Middle School
Debbie Wilson Owsley County Elementary
Owsley County High School
Terry Wilson EKU Campus at Manchester
Whitney Wooton Burning Springs Elementary
Charlene Worley South Laurel Middle School


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