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Student Travel Insurance Procedures


To establish a process for Partners for Education (PFE) staff to obtain supplemental insurance for student participants traveling to events and activities as part of a project initiative funded by Berea College’s Partners for Education Department.


These procedures apply to all projects managed by Berea College’s Partners for Education Department.


For the purposes of these procedures, the following terms are defined:

Student participant means a person enrolled in grades K-12 in public school within the Partners for Education service region.

Plan(s) means an event, activity or program worked out beforehand for the accomplishment of a specific objective related to projects managed by PFE.

Funded means money or other resources paid to a vendor or school district for a specific purpose.

Attend(s) means to be present at or accompany.


Supplemental student participant travel insurance is required when a PFE employee attends a student participant event or activity funded by a project managed by the department.  Insurance is not required for an event or activity if an employee does not attend the event or activity even if the event or activity is funded with project funds or planned in conjunction with a PFE employee.

When insurance is required, the employee attending the event or activity must submit the following information to the Travel Coordinator at least 10 business days prior to the event or activity:

  • Name of School District
  • Day(s) of travel
  • Destination
  • Purpose of event/activity
  • Number of student participants
  • Grant accounting distribution codes
  • Appropriate approval for the charge (email from person with budget oversight confirming the cost is approved)

Cancellations must be provided to the Travel Coordinator at least 24 hours before the event.

Within 5 business days after the trip, the employee in attendance must submit a list of students to the Travel Coordinator.

Student Travel Insurance Procedure (Word)

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