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KY College Coaches/Berea Site Application Process

1.  Review the Kentucky College Coach requirements and guidelines at

2.  Send an email with a cover letter and resume to

Please submit electronic, not paper, copies. Please specify where you are willing to serve (county or school).

3.  All applicants will also need to fill out the official AmeriCorps application online. The link to the KY College Coach project will not be available until

early August, but you can complete a general profile and application anytime.

4.  There are three steps in the AmeriCorps online application 1) register with the website 2) complete your application 3) apply for specific AmeriCorps positions.

1) Register an account on the AmeriCorps website.

a.  Visit

b.  Click on the blue ‘Visit Now’ button in the My AmeriCorps box to the right of the page.

c.  Click on ‘Apply to Serve’ in red.

d.  A window will pop up and ask you for registration information.

e.  AmeriCorps will send you a confirmation email once you complete the first step, registration.

f.  Follow the link in the email to confirm your account registration and create a login.

2) Complete your AmeriCorps application.

a.  Login to MyAmeriCorps.

b.  Click on the ‘References’ link in the top left corner.

c.  Complete the forms for at least two references and click submit at the bottom to send the reference form via email.

d.  Click on the ‘Application’ link in the top left corner.

e.  Complete all the sections of the application. Enter NA for any section that does not apply to you. Do not leave any answer blank.

f.  Once you reach the reference section of the application you will

need to select the references you entered by clicking on the box next to

the reference. Your application will not be complete unless you finish this step.

3) Apply for a specific Program.

a.  The program listing for KY College Coaches is not available at this time. All applicants who have sent an email resume to Rachel Tsvetanov will receive email notification and instructions when the link is available.

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