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Apply to Join

In order to be considered for the ESP Fall 2014 cohort, all applications must be submitted to the Emerging Scholars Program by June 21, 2014. To verify income information, FAFSA documents on file with Financial Aid will be reviewed for the program’s income eligibility requirements. You may be contacted and asked to provide additional financial information.

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Were you previously involved in any other TRiO programs? (Upward Bound, ETS, GEAR UP)
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Background Information

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Upon acceptance into ESP, you will be required to provide documentation of your disability

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Before coming to campus, with whom did you primarily reside?

Programmatic Focus

Briefly explain your reason for pursuing a college education.

Why did you choose to apply to the Emerging Scholars Program?

If you are accepted to Emerging Scholars, what resources might you use?

Choose all that apply.

 Educational Planning Personal Advising Adjusting to College Course Selection Major Choice Working with Instructors Graduate Programs Motivation Budgeting and Financial Literacy Campus Activities and Involvement Personal Wellness Internships Financial Aid and Scholarships Career Planning Study Abroad Research Writing Time Management Study Skills/Strategies Academic Reading Test-Taking Skills Math Writing Other Tutoring Academic Policies Other

If you selected "Other Tutoring" above, please specify.

If you selected "Other" above, please specify.

From the choices selected above, what specific program resources do you see as being a priority for you at this time?

Authorization and Agreement Required

Application Certification

I certify that the information on this application is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge. I hereby authorize the Emerging Scholars Student Support Services Project to obtain any information from my educational records (e.g. transcripts, entrance test scores, grades, instructor contacts, financial information etc.) and to perform staffing activities that may be pertinent to my participation in the project. I also agree that if I am selected to participate in the ESP-SSS project I will work with my Staff person to develop and implement an Individual Educational Action Plan.

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