Environmental Health and Safety

EHS Toolbox

Job Safety Analysis

A Job Safety Analysis(JSA) is a risk assessment tool used to identify and control workplace hazards. Berea College has several written JSA’s for a variety of jobs and departments.

Agriculture Department


Facilities Management

Printing Services



Flood Response and Mold Prevention Program

Environmental Health Safety works with the Berea College Facilities Department on all indoor air quality concerns. If you have any questions concerning our program reference the Flood Response and Mold Prevention Program. For any further information contact Leslie Kaylor.


Safety Training

Safety training provided by EHS, attached is a list of trainings offered. If you have any questions or are interested in signing up for a training contact Mike Morris.


Environmental Health and Safety Written Programs

Environmental Health Safety has several programs designed for the protection of everyone at Berea College.


Environmental Compliance Programs

Berea College has several environmental compliance programs. Waste generation guidlines, air quality permit, and Spill prevention control and countermeasures.


Incidence Reports

Attached are the forms you will need if you have an incidence report to fill such as an injury, accident, ignition or spill.

First Report of Incident Form

Incident Investigation Form


E2 Campus Emergency Response

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