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Berea College offers fifteen certification programs: elementary education (primary-grade 5); middle grades (grades 5-9) in the areas of math and science; secondary education programs in English, mathematics, social studies, biology, chemistry, and physics (grades 8-12); programs in art, health, instrumental music, vocal music, physical education, and programs in technology education (grades 5-12).

Since Berea College is a liberal arts college, all students engage in courses and experiences in general studies. These courses are especially important for those who wish to teach because they develop teachers’ general knowledge of the world; enhance their ability to make connections across disciplines; strengthen their capacity to look at questions from multiple perspectives; and develop the habits of critical, creative, and reflective inquiry.

In addition to their general education, students seeking teaching certification engage in in-depth study in their major. Though this study, students develop their understandings of the core concepts and principles in the disciplines which they will then translate for their own students. In the area of professional studies, future teachers seek to understand the historical, philosophical, and social foundations of education; the principles of human development and learning; and the nature and practice of pedagogy. Students’ professional preparation also includes a variety of experiences in P-12 schools, including course-related field experiences; a full-course practicum in the junior or senior year; and student teaching followed by an extended practicum in a diverse setting.

Education Portfolios are the primary vehicle for assessing students’ progress in meeting performance expectations in communication, general knowledge, subject matter competence, and professional and pedagogical knowledge, skills, and dispositions. Among other criteria, satisfactory portfolios are required for entry into the Teacher Education Program and for entry into the Professional Terms for student teaching. Upon completion of the Professional Terms, students must submit a satisfactory exit portfolio demonstrating their ability to meet Kentucky’s New Teacher Standards.

In its most recent filing with the United States Department of Education, as required under Title II of the Higher Education Act of 1998, Berea College reported that 100% of its graduates obtained satisfactory scores on the Praxis II examinations required for the teaching license. Students who successfully complete Berea College’s teacher education program are eligible for certification in Kentucky and in other states.

As reported on the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board Teacher Preparation Dashboard, Out of 119 candidates taking the Praxis II: Subjects Assessments and Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT), Berea College has a first time pass rate of 92.44%. In regards to Content, 37% of Berea College candidates score at or above the 75th National Percentile, compared to 20% of state examinees. In regards to Pedagogy, 20% of Berea College candidates score at or above the 75th National Percentile, compared to 27% of state examinees (Cohort years 2009-2012). For more resent results please see related documents below.

For GPA and demographic information about Berea College certification students, please see the document listed below.

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