Educational Technology

The Educational Technology team of IS&S assists faculty and instructors in using technology to compliment traditional instructional practices, address discipline-specific needs, streamline content delivery and expand learning potential. We seek to unleash the potential of various technological tools to assist faculty in achieving specific course outcomes and other related learning outcomes. The use of technology has been shown, for example, to promote critical thinking skills, engage students in learning, accommodate unique learning styles, encourage self-directed inquiry, and enhance the relevance of various content.

Working in partnership with the Hutchins Library and the Learning Center we seek to make these connections more visible and engage faculty in exploring “best practices” in the use technology to promote learning. We also seek to integrate technology in a fashion that compliments traditional instructional practices and accommodates the unique and special mission of our College.

Contact Information and Hours

Educational Technology
On-campus: Extension #3209 or 3630
Off-campus: 859-985-3209 or 859-985-3630
Location: The Educational Technology staff offices are located in Hutchins Library – Rooms 210, 211, & 225. Staff will also come to your office or classroom for consultations and training.
CPO: 2208


Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

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