Connecting to Campus

Transit & Parking

All campus buildings are within easy walking distance, as are many churches and businesses in town. The B.C. Express Shuttle regularly provides transportation to Wal-Mart and other shopping destinations. Local churches also provide transportation so that students may participate in worship services and other church-related activities.

Vehicle Policy

Freshmen at Berea College who live in the residence halls are not permitted to have a car (or any other motor vehicle, including motorcycle, moped, etc.) on campus or in the Berea city area unless they are

  • independent students (as verified by Financial Aid);
  • students who are active members of a military reserve unit; or
  • from homes (according to the address on the FAFSA) that are greater than eight hours (or 500+ miles) driving time from Berea (as verified by appropriate documentation)

Permission to operate a motor vehicle is given to other students based on classification. Seniors have first priority, juniors have second priority and sophomores have third priority, until all available parking spaces are gone. Many students bring bicycles and locks, since bicycles cannot be kept in your room or inside the residence hall.

Certain exceptions are made for individual medical situations to allow travel for specialized treatment that cannot otherwise be obtained through the College Health Service or local specialists. These exceptions are made after thorough review on an individual basis and require medical documentation from licensed physicians. The medical need must be that of the student, not of family members.

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