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Residence Hall Staff

Residential Life Collegium (Collegium Member)

Collegium Members are the professional staff members with advanced degrees that work with the residence halls. All First Year Residence Halls have a Collegium Member living in the hall. Collegium Members facilitate the day to day happenings in the Residential Life Collegium office and are responsible for things such as managing the hall staffs, housing placements, judicial affairs, building maintenance, and leadership development.

Resident Assistant (RA)

RAs are student staff members that work closely with the residents in their halls as part of the residence life team across campus. RAs are trained to assist students with issues and, when necessary, refer students with serious problems to the appropriate individual/office. RA’s duties include providing programming within the hall, security of the building, assisting the Monitor and Facilities Assistants, as well as attending House Council meetings, judicial hearings and working “duty” hours.

Hall Coordinator (HC)

HCs are upper-class students that are chosen for their maturity and leadership skills to serve as managers of the Residence Halls. This is a fifteen-hour primary labor position which includes all of the duties of an RA, with additional responsibilities. Some of these responsibilities include the supervision of RAs and Monitors, advising the House Council and working closely with the Residential Life Collegium. Hall Coordinators are responsible for the building when the Collegium Member is absent, and in designated residence halls the Hall Coordinator will be the primary live-in leader.


Monitors have all of the duties of an RA, with additional responsibilities such as supervising and training the Facilities Assistant (FA) staff. Monitors have oversight for the operation of the building, managing the inventory and ordering of supplies, furniture and equipment. Monitors work closely with Facilities Management to oversee the repair and maintenance of the building. Residents submit maintenance requests for their rooms or common areas to the Hall Monitor.

Student Chaplain

Student Chaplains have all of the duties of an RA, with additional responsibilities such as peer counseling, programming, and providing religious education and leadership. A Student Chaplain is an RA whose primary focus is placed on pastoral care and meeting the spiritual needs/concerns of residents. A Student Chaplain seeks to serve as a channel of Christ-like care through service to others.

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