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Housing Procedures


When moving into a new room, you need to check in with your new Hall Staff. You will need to
complete various types of paperwork in order to receive your new keys.


Whenever a resident vacates his/her room, all personal belongings must be removed, all furnishings must be returned to original locations, and the room should be cleaned and left in the condition in which it was found. Arrange an appointment with your Hall Staff to have your room inspected. Failure to follow the process will result in an improper check-out fee, in addition to being assessed for any damages.

Consolidation of Vacant Spaces

Specific living space is not guaranteed to students. Students who are living alone in a double room may be asked to consolidate with another student at any time.

Early Returns

Students who are requested to return to campus for labor, orientation, etc., prior to the official movein date must receive permission from the Residential Life and Collegium Office before arrival so that room arrangements can be made. Other students who return to Berea early must find accommodations off-campus until the scheduled date of arrival.

First-Year Student Housing

First-year students are primarily housed together to assist them in the transition to college and for the purpose of orientation to Berea College. First-year students at Berea who have previous
residence hall experiences may be placed in upper-class buildings (if space is available). First-year students may not switch rooms until Short Term, unless it is determined by the Collegium Member that an emergency warrants such a move.


The College does not maintain insurance for your belongings and is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items in rooms or storage.

Keys & Locks

Under no circumstances is any student permitted to have duplicate keys made for any College lock. Also, no one may transfer any College key from an authorized individual to an unauthorized person, or be in unauthorized possession of a College key. Students may not replace, damage, tamper with or vandalize any College lock or security device. If your keys are missing, please report this to your hall staff or Collegium member for assistance. There is a charge of $35.00 when the lock and keys must be replaced.

Each resident is allowed three lockouts per academic year with no penalty. For any subsequent lockouts, the Collegium member may assess a $20.00 charge per lockout.

Room Changes

Room changes are at the sole discretion of the Collegium Member. Room change requests,
concerning roommate conflicts, will FIRST be handled by mediation before any other action is
considered. A room change must be approved by the student’s current and future Collegium
Member. Official room changes must be made during the first two weeks of classes in any semester. Any changes made outside this process will not be recognized. Any individual who moves outside of this process will be expected to move back to his/her original room.

Single Rooms

Single rooms in residence halls are available only as space allows. Single rooms will be filled during room selection season in the following manner:

  1. Students currently residing in single rooms may elect to keep their singles for the
    following academic year.
  2. Remaining singles will be available at room selection nights and will be filled in order of classification (Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, First-Years) and lottery number (computer-generated random numbers assigned to students for the purpose of room selection).
  3. A “Single Room Waiting List,” consisting of students wanting a single, will be
    maintained in class and lottery number order. Students may sign up for this list during room selection nights or by coming to the Residential Life and Collegium Office.
  4. This list expires before the spring term room selection begins.

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