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First-Year Residence Halls

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Residence Hall Accomodations

In each residence hall you can expect to find:

  • Internet Access
  • Telephone with Voice Mail – Every student has his/her own telephone number and a private access code for voice mail
  • Free Laundry Facilities
  • Lounges with TVs, as well as DVD and VCR availability
  • Kitchens with microwaves, stoves, and full-size refrigerators
  • Vending Machines


Cable TV is provided by Berea College in designated lobby areas within the residence halls. Rerouting cable from public areas is considered misuse of college property and theft and will be subject to the college’s judicial process.

Cleaning & Supplies

The student Facilities Assistants (FAs) work hard in your living environment to make your building a comfortable and pleasant place in which to live. Facilities Assistants are not expected to clean unnecessary messes made by residents. Your cooperation in caring for the facilities will make their jobs easier and create a pleasant atmosphere in the hall. Cleanliness is the responsibility of every resident and all residents should “pitch in.” There are vacuums, brooms and cleaning supplies available for your use in each residence hall. Unwanted large items, such as pizza boxes, should be taken directly to the dumpster.


All halls have kitchenettes available for student use. These kitchenettes include a stove/oven, sink area and microwave. Some halls also have cookware, coffee pots and toasters for students to use. Use of these facilities by any other individual is considered misuse of college property.


Each residence hall has laundry facilities available for student use. There is no fee for the use of these facilities. Use of these facilities by any other individual is considered misuse of college property.

Room Accomodations

Every room is furnished with the following:

  • Dresser Drawers
  • Desks
  • Chairs
  • Desk Lamps
  • A mirror
  • Blinds or shades
  • Telephone


The Residence Hall Monitor of each residence hall will have primary responsibility for repairing and/or reporting all needed repairs to Facilities Management and informing the designated Collegium Member of the repairs that have been reported.

  • Upon receipt of a work request, Facilities Management personnel will fix the damage, charging the expenses to the residence hall repair account.
  • The Collegium Member will make a judgment or determination on whether the damage was
    normal wear and tear, the result of probable vandalism, or accidental.
  • If apparent vandalism or accidental damage occurs, the Collegium Member or Monitor will notify
    Facilities Management to request an estimate of the repair.
  • The Collegium Member may investigate the situation as follows:
    1. The Collegium Member will work with the residence hall House Council and/or Hall Staff to determine the responsible person(s) who will be charged for the damages.
    2. Students who have been designated by the Collegium Member as responsible for paying damages may appeal the Collegium Member’s decision to the Residence Hall House Council within one week. The House Council may make a recommendation to the Collegium Member regarding the assessment.
    3. In case of apparent malicious damage to hall property, the student(s) alleged to have caused the damage may be charged with a violation of Student Conduct.
    4. The Residence Life and Collegium Office, at its sole discretion, will assess charges to groups of students for damages or vandalism to common living areas.

Charges for repair or replacement of room or hall furnishings are determined on a case-by-case basis depending upon actual costs.

Room Care

Check-in/check-out records are kept for each student, listing the furniture and room condition. The student will be held responsible for missing equipment or unusual damages to room or equipment. Mattresses must be kept on the beds. Because of fire regulations, only Berea College mattresses are approved to be used. Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the designated Collegium Member. The use of tacks, nails, tape, or other products that damage or remove paint is not recommended on walls, woodwork or windows. Sticky tack (also known as blu-tack or poster putty) may be used for hanging pictures. Residents will be charged for any wall damage resulting from the use of any of these items.


Phone jacks, which allow for local and toll-free calls, are provided in each room. All students receive a four digit extension that follows them through their time at Berea College. Each student also receives a voicemail box that must be set up by the student. Students are encouraged to set up and check their voice mail regularly as it is a line of communication between peers, faculty, and staff. Instructions for voice mail can be found online.

About the Residence Hall Program

The residence hall program at Berea exists to foster a strong spirit of community throughout its residence halls. This program is designed to fulfill the commitments and purposes of the College by promoting social interaction and responsibility, interracial and intercultural living, academic pursuits, spiritual growth, and individual development. It provides opportunities for leadership, work, exploration of values, and the development of lasting friendships.

The residence hall experience is an important component of a Berea College education. The Residential Life Collegium and the residence hall student staff seek to support the academic mission by creating and maintaining an environment conducive to good study habits. The college also recognizes the inherent educational value of the residence hall experience. By being engaged in a process of positive interdependence whereby you can create communities, you will develop invaluable life skills such as communication, empathy, conflict resolution, and compromise. The residential experience is based on a shared sense of common good, something students should learn to value and seek to create throughout their lives.

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