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Special Events

During the academic year we often have special events that focus on a country or region of the world. Last April, for instance, we hosted Mary Mc Partlan, a singer as well as a teacher and creative director at National University of Ireland, Galway. Mary gave a lecture on Irish musical history and performed traditional Irish songs. Future events will be posted as soon as we have them confirmed.


Sept. 3             Dr. David Zurick

Land of Pure Vision: The Sacred Geography of Tibet and the Himalaya. Phelps-Stokes, 3:00 pm

Sept. 11           Appalatin

Bridging Musical Cultures. Phelps-Stokes, 3:00 pm

Sept. 18           Kevin Locke Native Dance Ensemble

Phelps-Stokes, 8:00 pm

Feb. 19            Dr. Stanlie James

Goler’s Daughters: Black Women, International Human Rights, and Paving Roads to Peace. Phelps-Stokes, 3:00 pm

March 19         Gustavo Esteva

Another World is Necessary: Women Leading the Way. Phelps-Stokes, 3:00 pm

March 26         Mam-Yassin Sarr

The Role of Service in the Advancement of Humanity. Phelps-Stokes, 3:00 pm

April 9              Joel Guzman and Sarah Fox

Conjunto: Cantina Music from the Heart of Texas. Phelps-Stokes, 8:00 pm

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