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Education Abroad Peer Advisors

Thinking about studying abroad? Start the process by meeting with an Education Abroad Peer Advisor!

What is a Peer Advisor?

A Peer Advisor (PA) is a student who has previously studied abroad and who wishes to encourage other students to do the same. PAs offer an engaging student’s perspective on the whole process. A PA should be the first person that prospective Education Abroad participants meet with (the Education Abroad Advisor can help with more specific details later on). PAs offer advice on selecting a program and information about funding. They also conduct classroom visits and presentations at labor meetings in other departments.

Who are the Peer Advisors?

Our Education Abroad Peer Advisors are Rachel Brown, Erica Woods, Lorenz Estrada, Ebony Adams and Seth Teegarden. Our PAs represent various majors, and they have studied abroad in various countries around the world, including Austria, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Ghana, Costa Rica, and the Czech Republic.

When can I meet with a Peer Advisor?

See our Peer Advising Schedule!


Contact the Education Abroad Team at or (859) 985-3453, or drop by Woods-Penniman 205.

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