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Education Abroad and Exchanges

Get the most out of your college education through participating in an Education Abroad program, It offers a unique, transformational learning opportunity to…

  • Improve your knowledge of another language;
  • Develop intercultural skills;
  • Enhance your résumé;
  • Learn about the world, and also about yourself.

No other college in the nation offers scholarships and financial aid packages as generous as the ones Berea grants, so you picked the right school for study abroad.

Study abroad categories

Step by Step

1. Become eligible to study abroad:

2. Discuss your interests with your Academic Advisor:

  • Make sure to include study abroad in your curriculum plan;
  • Find out what ALE credit or perspectives you can get abroad.

3. Get involved with the CIE:

4. Apply:

  • Apply with the CIE for permission to study abroad and financial aid;
  • Choose and apply to your program provider for admission.

5. Take advantage of all the financial aid opportunities:

  • Check out our Berea College scholarships;
  • Explore external scholarships that you may be eligible for;
  • Apply for scholarships through your program provider;
  • Apply for loans through Berea’s Financial Aid Office. Outside funding that you brought to Berea may be available to be utilized for study abroad.


Contact the Education Abroad Team at or (859) 985-3453, or drop by Woods-Penniman 205.


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