Continuous Improvement

Project Portfolio

Here is a list of active projects, projects that have been completed or started. By clicking on the links below you can learn about the projects and what Continuous Improvement action has been started to save Berea College time, effort or money.

ProjectCharterProject SummaryDivisions
5s Berea College Dining ServicesLEAN Summary

Award Picture
Operations and Sustainability
Work Orders at Facility MaintenanceOperations and Sustainability
Purchases Simplified Facility MaintenanceLEAN Summary

Award Picture
Operations and Sustainability
Broom Crafts TOC Production PlanningTOC Summary

Operations and Sustainability
Facility Maintenance Flexible Student PostionsProgram SummaryStudent Life and Labor
Labor FormsStudent Life and Labor
Call for Service ProcessStudent Life and Labor
LEAN Summary
Leave of Absence Process Leave of Absence Summary

Award Picture
Central Plant Storeroom 5SLEAN SummaryOperations and Sustainability
Broom Craft 5SLEAN Summary

Operations and Sustainability
Motor Pool Reservation ProcessStudent Life and Labor
Student Crafts Warehouse 5SLEAN SummaryOperations and Sustainability
Student Crafts Order ProcessOperations and Sustainability
Housekeeping 5SLEAN SummaryOperations and Sustainability
LEAN Food Waste ReductionLEAN SummaryOperations and Sustainability
Central Plant Tool Area 5sLEAN SummaryOperations and Sustainability
Graduate School Funding Application ProcessLEAN SummaryAcademic
Convocation Card ProcessAcademic
Wood Craft TOCLEAN SummaryOperations and Sustainability

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