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College Store Project – May 6, 2014

  • The Berea College Store recently applied a LEAN technique to improve situational awareness for its labor students. Nate Daniels attended the one day class “Disciplines of Speed” and as a result implemented a WIP board in order to keep his students informed about what tasks they have been assigned each day. The benefit of this is that the students can check the board when they come in and instantly know what to start working on for the day. Nate Daniels also implemented a separate WIP board to manage his projects.

WIP Board - College Store


Scots Project – April 15, 2014

  • An interdepartmental team from the Pinnacle and Student Crafts on the Square Gallery cooperated to come up with an innovative lean-green project that has hard savings. The students at SCOTS Gallery were looking for ways to lean-green their processes and came up with the idea of using newspaper to wrap purchased merchandize replacing the tissue paper that they normally use. Here’s where their across campus friends at Berea College’s newspaper, The Pinnacle, came up with their own contribution to this lean-green project. They had in the past accumulated obsolete newspapers that would go to the recyclers but by using them one more time before being recycled (called upcycling) they solved SCOTS Gallery sourcing of usable newspaper. In addition to the saving of the cost of the tissue paper, there is the possibility that this customer will get a secondary exposure to Berea’s commitments when they unwrap their purchase and read an article from the Pinnacle.



Alumni and College Relations Project – February 28, 2014

  • A team in Alumni and College Relations recently applied a LEAN technique in their department. Troy Price attended the one day class “Disciplines of Speed” where he learned about ways to improve situational awareness and management of open projects by using a WIP board. The team composed of Nancy Gow, Molly Smith, Danna Derr, and Troy Price worked to tailor a basic WIP board to their particular needs. You can see on their board that they track their queued, work in process, and completed projects. Sometimes when a project does not have resources it will be set aside with the possibility that it is forgotten. One of the benefits that they have found is that it keeps tasks visible preventing them from languishing. Now when resources are available they can select one of these older project to address. Another benefit is the ability for student workers to move their finished projects to the completed area of the board and select the next project without the need for direct supervision. Stop by and discuss with the team how they use the board. They would be more than happy to share their experiences and help you apply WIP boards in WIP Boardyour area.











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