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Please answer the following questions thoughtfully and honestly.

1. What service have you been involved in during the past four years, both as part of an organization and on your own? Describe your membership in one specific organization. What keeps you an active member? Describe your role in the organization, a teamwork experience you have had , and what role you have taken in this team.

2. Describe two skills and talents that you bring to your service work. Also, describe one or to areas of yourself that you would like two improve. How are you working to improve these areas?

3. Describe a current issue you feel strongly about, and describe ways you have been or would like to be involved in addressing that issue.

4. You have already told us about the service you have done in the past. What makes you want to continue to serve in the future? How does service work challenge you?

5. Please tell us about a time you’ve worked as part of a team in order to accomplish a common goal. What role do you usually take on in a team. .

The application deadline is Monday, July 7

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