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Student Expenses

A student and his or her family are responsible for the costs listed in the chart below. However, for those who qualify on the basis of need—and most students do (as established by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA)—financial aid is available to defray all or part of these costs. The average amount freshmen pay for the first year is approximately $1,150 for these costs. Fewer than 10 percent of Berea students are asked to cover the full cost of board, room, and fees.

Costs of attendance for one academic year currently are as follows. Only the Fall and Spring terms are required terms, therefore, the totals relate to those. Summer One and Summer Two fees have been added to provide that information for students desiring to attend one or both of those optional terms.

Expenses for Which the Student is Responsible

expense fall spring total
Room ($85.60/wk) $1,506 $1,506 $3,012
Board (Food, $78.35/wk) $1,390 $1,390 $2,780
Health Insurance Fee $192 $192 $384
Technology Fee $150 $150 $300
Other Campus Fees $113 $113 $226
which includes:
    Health Services Fee ($50) ($50)
    Campus Activities Fee ($25) ($25)
    Student Gov’t Assn. ($5) ($5)
    Student Accident Fund ($10) ($10)
    Pinnacle (newspaper) ($6) ($6)
    Chime (yearbook) ($17) ($17)
Academic Year Total $6,702

Additional Expenses (Vary by Student*)

expense fall spring total
Books and Supplies $350 $350 $700
Transportation $213 $213 $426
Personal Expenses $688 $688 $1,376
Estimated Totals $1,251 $1,251 $2,502

Estimated additional costs for academic year 2011-2012. Additional fees for courses that include laboratory sessions or special supplies are listed in course descriptions in this Catalog & Student Handbook underAcademic Programs and Courses.

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