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Applied Music Courses

(Not private lessons, which have the MUA designation)

Please note that the frequency of course offerings below is subject to change without notice, because of changes in faculty availability, sabbaticals and leaves, and other circumstances. Please consult the latest Schedule of Classes (and supplement), myBerea, revisions to online Catalog & Student Handbook, and/or the Program Coordinator to determine if a course will be offered during a certain term or year, especially if Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is a factor.

Fees for Applied Music Courses

Applied Music fees of $20 per term have been established for practice-room use, instrument rental, and general maintenance, such as tuning and repair of instruments. Some courses have additional fees applied to them, as indicated below. There is no fee for lessons.

MUS 100

Class Piano

Offered: Typically Fall and Spring termsDesigned for the College student who has had little or no formal keyboard instruction. Emphasis on reading and music fundamentals, and functional use of the piano. Two periods per week. Course Fee: $10 per term.
1/4 Course

MUS 101

Class Piano II

Prerequisite: None
Offered: Typically Spring termsContinuation of MUS 100, Class Piano 1. It is designed to provide the students with the basic skills necessary to perform intermediate-advance piano repertoire, sigh-read elementary-intermediate repertoire, and harmonize melodies. This course will provide the foundation for chordal and tonal harmony development, preparing the students for formal piano lessons. Two periods per week. Course Fee: $10 per term.
1/4 Course

MUS 102

Class Recorder

Prerequisite: Permission of instructorOffered: Typically as student interest and faculty availability allowAn introduction to playing the recorder. Designed for the student who has little or no formal instrumental instruction. Emphasis will be placed on the fundamentals of music reading as well as the functional use of the recorder. Open to non-Music majors. Two periods per week. Course fee: $10 per term.

1/4 Course

MUS 103

Class Voice

Prerequisite: Permission of instructorOffered: Typically Fall and Spring termsFirst year of vocal study; open to all Berea College students. The class will meet as a whole two hours per week. In addition, students will be divided into smaller groups to rehearse with an accompanist. Some individual practice also is required. All students will have an opportunity to perform at the weekly performance class. Course Fee: $10 per term.

1/4 Course

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