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Fairchild Hall

Fairchild, the oldest building on campus, erected in 1872, was the first brick building in this area. In addition to serving as a residence hall, it also accommodates offices of Labor on the ground level. This residence hall houses upper-class women. Fairchild is in a very central location. It is right next door to the Alumni Building, which houses many campus organizations and Dining Services. It is also next to Woods-Penniman (Woods-Penn) which houses the College Crossroads Cafe and the College Post Office (CPO).

  • Date Built: 1872
  • Square Feet: 36,864


  • 72 Residents
  • Two residential floors
  • Single and Double Occupancy Rooms
  • Air Conditioned
  • Carpeted hallways and lounges and tiled floor in rooms
  • Kitchen – There is a kitchen located on each floor
  • Laundry – There are two laundry facilities on the second and third floors
  • Restrooms – There are common restrooms on each floor
  • Lounges – There is a formal lounge and lobby on the main floor, TV lounges on the second and third floors, and study lounges on the first and third floors.
  • Hall Staff – There are six student staff members (R.A. Staff) that live in the hall.

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