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Please read each description carefully in order to ensure you are filling out the appropriate form(s).

Campus Event Scheduling Form

*Please use this form to inform Campus Life of all student initiated events in conjunction with the online request form. This form must be completed at least 48 hours prior to the date of the event. After submission of the form, the requester and sponsor will be sent an e-mail to confirm the status of the event.  I agree to the above conditions and requirements for holding a campus event and upon approval, event will be placed on the Berea College Online Calendar.  Public Safety will be informed in the event of a public demonstration, protest, or display.*

Demonstrations, Displays, Protest (Free Zone)

Student Organization will be provided a 40X40 space in front of Woods-Penn for demonstration, display and protest space. Only one permit will be approved for a 5 day work week period, not to include weekends. Please fill out a Campus Event Scheduling Form to reserve your space

Campus Life Application

*There are certain periods of time in which Campus Life will be accepting new applicants.  Please use this form to apply for these positions as they open.

Crossroads Complex Online Reservation Form

*This form allows you to reserve a room in the following buildings:

  1. Woods-Penn
  2. Alumni Building
  3. Fairchild

Please understand reservations will only be acknowledged on room availability and with a 5-business-day notice.  All off-campus reservations will need to directly contact Conference Services at 859.985.3641.

Fund Raising Report

*This form, above, is mandatory for all fundraisers that have taken place and must be turned into the Campus Life office within 10 days after the event.

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