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What is the Difference Between the Campus Activities Board and the Campus Life Department?


The Campus Activities Board, commonly referred to as “CAB”, is a volunteer student organization which serves as the primary student programming group on campus. CAB is funded by the Student Activities Fee, and provides cultural, recreational and social events for the campus. Specifically, CAB plans special events, concerts, dances, coffeehouses, open microphone nights, novelty events, movies and coalition programs with / organizations. CAB had three labor positions, Chairperson, Controller and Secretary, who work along with fifteen volunteer board members. CAB has an office in the Alumni Building, and may be reached through CPO 2098 or by calling ext. 3289. The Campus Activities Board is a student organization, run by students, for the students of Berea College.

Campus Life Department:

Campus Life is a college department, which oversees activities across the campus, providing services and facilities to enhance the quality of campus life. Campus Life promotes coalition programming, contributes to all college events, works closely with / organizations, student publications, student government, other college departments, the alumni and the local Berea community. The department coordinates the master calendar of campus events, publishes weekly activities calendars, the student handbook/ calendar and distributes a listing of semester events. Campus Life coordinates programs and operations within the Alumni Building, and provides facility management for a portion of Fairchild Hall, and Woods-Penniman. The Campus Life Department is located in the Alumni Building.

So, as you see, the Campus Activities Board (CAB) and the Campus Life Department work closely together, but CAB is a student organization and Campus Life is a college department.

Campus Life
Services Available
Ext. 3290, CPO 2199

Event Promotion and Publicity Service:

Event promotion and publicity is one of the many services of Campus Activities. Student artist will make banner, posters, and signs for events on campus. , organizations, and residence halls requesting artwork may pick up Art Request Forms at the Campus Life office and turn them n at least one week before art work is to be posted. The Artist will post the banners or signs in the Alumni Building or leave them un the Campus Activities Office to be picked up by the requesting group for posting in places other than the Alumni Building.

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