The Willis D. Weatherford, Jr. Campus Christian Center

The Elizabeth and Harry Snyder, Sr. Memorial Peace Emphasis

In addition to the Robbins Peace Emphasis each year, the Campus Christian Center supports and develops other initiatives in peace studies and peacemaking through its Elizabeth and Harry Snyder, Sr. Memorial Peace Emphasis.  Rev. Harry C. Snyder established this endowment in memory of his parents: Elizabeth and Harry Snyder, Sr.  This endowment supports peacemaking programs from a Christian perspective.  Rev. Snyder’s own words best express the commitment that motivated his gift to the College: “An alternative to the cross in the weapon sight is the goodness God offers to all people—peace through the cross of Christ.”

With the resources produced by this endowment, the Campus Christian Center plans and offers various kinds of events: lectures, dialogues, educational seminars, colloquies, and workshops.  Through this program, the Center also occasionally supports such events or projects that students initiate as well, in order to promote a wide range of thinking, reflection, practice, and interaction about the various dimensions of peace-building and the realities of social justice that engender and sustain the conditions for peace.  Such initiatives include topics like arms-control and disarmament, the problem of land-mines in portions of the world that have sustained long periods of warfare, the prevention of violence against women, conflict analysis and transformation, and so forth.

The following examples illustrate the events that the Campus Christian Center offers as part of the Snyder Peace Emphasis.  In February 2003, the Rev. Jim Wallis, co-founder of Sojourners Magazine and founder of Call to Renewal, delivered the Snyder Peace Lecture.  In 2004, Michelle Tooley, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Religion and holder of the Eli Lilly Chair in Religion at Berea College, delivered a series of lectures and led discussions for this program on Christian teachings about peace and its relationship with social justice.

Peacewalking: The Christian Tradition, War, and Peace (17 February 2004)

Peacewalking: Conflict Analysis and Transformation (9 March 2004)

Peacewalking: Just Peacemaking Practices (13 April 2004)

Peacewalking: Peace and the Arts (4 May 2004)

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