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Student Internships in Spirituality, Mission, and Service

Each year, the Campus Christian Center helps to support several special student internships in various forms of Christian ministry and service.  The Center provides partial support for student proposals with funds that friends of the College have donated and designated for specific kinds of programs or activities in and through the Campus Christian Center.  These student internships may take the form of traditional Christian missionary work in either domestic or international contexts.  Many of these internships in ministry and service, however, occur in settings that promote Christian values or values shared with Christian communities, but which involve working in a variety of ways that will improve the quality of life and conditions that contribute toward various forms of social justice.  The Center supports student internships in Christian ministry and service that occur primarily during the summer months.

The Campus Christian Center coordinates its application process for internships in Christian ministry and service with other departments on campus that have responsibility for academic internships, such as independent or team-initiated studies that occur during short-term or internships that occur in international contexts and require students to work through the International Center.

Students have proposed many different kinds of internships in Christian ministry and service.  The following examples from recent years will illustrate the diversity of proposals that the Center has approved for this program: working with children in Vietnamese orphanages; assisting with youth ministry in local churches in Berea; teaching children in inner-city churches in Poland; working in sports ministry through a denominational agency in Poland; developing pure-water systems in rural villages of Costa Rica; teaching English to university students in Thailand; working with drama ministries in local churches in the U.S.; developing a research study in Australia about international aid for disaster-relief in Asia; working on a local church project to construct an orphanage in Costa Rica; and assisting in a Christian-music recording studio.

The Campus Christian Center considers each proposed student internship in Christian ministry and service on the basis of its own merit.  Should the Center decide to support a proposed internship, the department will award funding on the basis of the following criteria.

1.  Appropriateness of the proposal to the nature of the Center’s internship program in Christian ministry and service;
2.  Quality of the student’s proposal, including adherence to these guidelines for writing and submitting proposals;
3.  Extent of the student’s need for support from the Center; and
4.  Availability of resources in the department for such support.

In most cases, the Center will not support the entire cost for an internship.  Students who seek support from the Center for internships in Christian ministry or service should not expect the Center to provide all funds for their internships, but should also raise support for their internships from other sources as well.

Requirements and Qualifications


Eligibility for internships from the Campus Christian Center includes two primary considerations, one in reference to the student and the other in reference to the nature of the internship itself.

1.  Although the Campus Christian Center will consider applications from students who will graduate or not return to Berea College for other reasons, the Center will provide the majority of its support to proposals from returning students.  Therefore, all students, including students in their last year of study, may submit proposals for internships to the Campus Christian Center.

2.  The Campus Christian Center supports internships only for Christian ministry and service.  The proposed area of ministry or service must qualify as a Christian ministry or work or as service that remains consistent with Christian values, ministry, and service.

Formal Application

Each student must complete and submit two documents, when applying for financial support for an internship in Christian ministry or service.  Students should return both completed documents to the Director of the Campus Christian Center.

1.  An application form (provided by the Campus Christian Center):  Students may acquire an application form by downloading it from this website or from the Campus Christian Center in the Draper Building, Office 107.

2.  A written proposal that contains the following information:

(a) Description of the proposed program or internship;
(b) Rationale for this proposed project, and reflection on the ways in which this particular proposal may contribute to the student’s vocation and spirituality;
(c) Budget of expenses for the entire internship;
(d) All sources of funding and amounts of funding already secured, other than the amount of funds sought from the Campus Christian Center;
(e) Amount of funds requested from the Campus Christian Center;
(f) Name of, and contact-information for, supervisor/s of internship;
(g) Location and dates of internship.

Local Contact Person / Supervisor

Each student must secure a local supervisor or contact in Berea, when applying for an internship in Christian ministry or service.

Supervisor on Location

Each student must secure a designated field supervisor—a supervisor in ministry on the location of the student’s internship—when applying for an internship in Christian ministry or service.

Written Reports

Students must agree to submit two written reports within one month of the completion of their internships about the internship:

1.  Financial report of expenditures, with documentation;
2.  Narrative report of activities in ministry and/or service during the internship, which should also include reflection on the meaning of this work and experience both for those whom the student served and for the student’s own personal spiritual growth.

Oral Presentation

In addition, each student intern in Christian ministry and service will prepare an oral presentation for the Campus Christian Center.  This oral presentation will occur during a special worship service in Danforth Chapel, during the Fall semester that follows the summer internship.  Student Interns-in-Christian-Ministry-and-Service must agree to attend and to participate in this program.

Letter to Donor

Finally, where applicable, each student intern must agree to send a letter of appreciation to the donor of the fund that supported the student’s internship in Christian ministry or service.

For more information about this program contact Rev. Loretta Reynolds, D. Theol., College Chaplain and Assistant Professor of General Studies.

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