The Willis D. Weatherford, Jr. Campus Christian Center

Service Convocation and Lecture

As the Campus Christian Center serves the mission of Berea College, the department carries the special responsibility of leading the College to fulfill its third major goal: the commitment “to stimulate understanding of the Christian faith and its many expressions and to emphasize the Christian ethic and the motive of service to others.”  The Campus Christian Center devotes significant support and programming to fulfill the second part of this goal, in the department’s emphasis on “the Christian ethic and the motive of service to others.”

Historically, the Campus Christian Center supported student service organizations on campus (People Who Care and Habitat for Humanity), administered the Student Service Awards, and sponsored an annual Service Convocation.  With the creation of the Center for Excellence in Learning Through Service (CELTS) in 2000, however, the Campus Christian Center gradually transferred responsibility for administering all of these programs to that new department.

The Campus Christian Center, however, continues to co-sponsor the Service Convocation and Lecture with CELTS and to serve on the committee that CELTS brings together annually to review nominations for and make decisions on the Student Service Awards each year.  The Campus Christian Center and CELTS enjoy a strong collaborative relationship in integrating the three major emphases of Berea College: Learning, Labor, and Service.

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