Campus Activities Board (CAB)

CAB Events Schedule


Event Dates 2013-2014



21st- Interest Meeting
23st- Berea Bash/ Wecome Back Party
29st- Comedian: Avrin Mitchell


1st- Open Interviews
6th- Movie Night
21st- Eco Village Event
27th- Day Glo Party


1st- Magician: Kevin Hurley
2nd Mountain Day- Scavenger Hunt
11th- T-Shirt Party
17th- Talent Show/ Charity
25th- Laser Tag


4th-8th Sprit Week
9th- Berea Fest
9th- Homecoming Dance
14th- Bingo Night
19th- MusicianL Kyshonna
22nd- Flashback Friday


8th- Midnight Breakfast


10th- Friday Night Flick
17th- Jammy Jam Party
23th- Karaoke Night


**Superbowl Party
4th Student Forum
12th- V-Day Movie Night
13th- Bowling Night
14th- Comedian: Erin Jackson
20th- Bingo Night


** Preston Pugmire Concert
14th- St. Patrick’s Party
22th- Eco-Village Movie Night
28th- Friday Night Flick

**Watch Party
8th- Senior Event
12th- Laau Event/Party
12th- Spring Field Day Event
17th- Card Game Night

**Dates will be scheduled tentatively

All events are subject to change. In the event of a change, we will make every effort to contact the student body. We must reserve the right to make any changes whatsoever in the event owing to any unforeseen or unavoidable cause; or to cancel the event for any reason beyond our control without notice.

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