Brushy Fork Institute

Who We Are

The Mission of Brushy Fork Institute

For more than one hundred years, Berea College has served the people of Appalachia. The Brushy Fork Institute carries forward this commitment by working to develop strong leadership in the mountains. Working with both existing and emerging leaders, we draw on local understanding and vision to help communities build for tomorrow.

Goals of Brushy Fork Institute

  • To increase the number of people taking leadership responsibility in the Central Appalachian region at the community, county and regional levels.
  • To promote leadership perspectives and practices that are developmental, cooperative, accountable, ethical and effective.
  • To help communities articulate their vision and build on their own history, strengths and creativity to achieve their vision.
  • To promote networking among community leaders and regional organizations.
  • To increase the participation of leaders from traditionally under-represented groups.
  • To strengthen the contributions of other Berea College programs to the development of Central Appalachian leaders and communities.
  • To share leadership and community development ideas and strategies regionally, nationally and globally.


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