Brushy Fork Annual Institute

Making the Connection: Tools for Promoting Your Program, Issue or Big Idea

Track Leader: Anne Durham

Well-planned marketing and communications strategies are essential to promoting the good work of your organization or movement. They provide the spark that catalyzes your effort and keeps momentum high. This track explores recent and developing research about new communications tools that meet the unique needs of non-profits and social causes. It rethinks traditional top-down strategies and instead explores the use of more dynamic and participatory efforts designed to inspire action and culture change. Learn about the psychology of design, how to understand a target audience, incorporating social media into your strategies and integrating vision into marketing efforts. Anne Durham brings 25 years of experience working with community, state and national organizations to promote messages that create change. Participants leave the session with a strategic communications plan, useful materials and tools.

Track Capacity: 15

Who should attend?

Executive directors, outreach workers, PR/marketing professionals, grassroots organizers, trainers and facilitators

Physical tools and takeaways from this session:

  • Format for a strategic communications plan
  • Workbook with useful tips, tricks and tools
  • Visual representation of your target market, to keep your messages effective
Anne Durham¬†has been working in non-profit marketing and communications at the local, state and national level for more than 25 years. She has specific communications expertise in the areas of community development, child welfare, early childhood and youth development, human rights, family economic self-sufficiency, education, and the arts. Anne is also the author of The Gifts of Community: Changing Your Life by Changing Your World, published by Balboa Press, a book about how community engagement can enhance personal as well as community success. She began her career in television where she helped to produce local children’s shows and public affairs programs, went on to be the president of a full service media company serving nonprofits, and is now a marketing manager for a national nonprofit organization. She has won several awards, including two national Media Excellence Awards from the Autism Society of America, and a regional EMMY award for children’s programming.


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