Brushy Fork Annual Institute

Experience Economies: How to Build Tourist-Ready Communities & Harness the Power of Visitors

Track Leader: Emily Breedlove

This session will explore some of the best examples of communities that have mastered the art of building “tourist-ready communities” and reaped the economic benefits of strategically directing vacation dollars.

Widely recognized as one of the most vital elements of any area economy, tourism is often greatly valued by community leaders and yet is seen as an immovable force. This session will examine the most important steps in building a tourism-focused infrastructure, provide tools to enhance the already existing assets within a region, and explore how to truly make the most of the monumental economic engine called visitors.

Track Limit: 30

Who should attend?

  • Any engaged citizen, entrepreneur, resource provider or community leader who is passionate about building a tourist-ready economy within their community.
  • Anyone who recognizes the untapped potential within their own area and wishes to learn more about how they can get more involved in celebrating opportunities around natural, cultural, historic or community created assets.

Physical tools and takeaways from this session:

Participants will acquire real-world examples of projects which have been successful within communities striving to grow their own tourism markets. They will also be provided with additional materials and helpful contacts from across the country to assist with their continued efforts.

Emily Breedlove is passionate about the advancement and celebration of rural America. She currently serves as the President of Small Town Ventures, a national consulting and training company delivering resources and support to rural communities and entrepreneurs. Emily is fortunate to live in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina with her incredible husband and two beautiful children.


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