Brushy Fork Annual Institute

Arts-Based Community Development

Track Leaders: Dr. Richard Geer & Dr. Qinghong Wei

We all have creative potential. Creativity is essential for visioning, planning, implementing and achieving the goals we have for our lives, the groups and organizations we’re part of, and our whole community — and using creative approaches makes our work more fun!

In this track we will:

  • explore more than a dozen techniques and tools for being creative in our everyday work and bringing out the creativity in those around us;
  • learn from examples of how other people in the region have been creative in engaging their groups and communities (this will include taking a look at some of the great community story play projects currently happening across Kentucky);
  • practice listening creatively to our community and working collaboratively among multiple perspectives;
  • learn to recognize abundance and innate solutions, honoring what we have to work with and what we can manifest rather than looking at things from a deficit perspective;
  • map the creative resources available to you and your community and draft a plan of action for putting them to use to achieve personal, organizational or community-wide goals;
  • probably smile, laugh and have some fun while we work!

Everyone is welcome in this track — especially those of you who might not think of yourself as creative. You’ll find at least a little spark of creativity and practice engaging with others to help increase your own, your group’s or your community’s creative potential.

Track Capacity: 30

Who should attend?

  • Anyone who would like to initiate or deepen creativity and community building within a group, organization or community. Applicable for specific projects such as community story plays or for individuals, groups or organizations who would like to learn creative approaches to help achieve their goals.

Physical tools and takeaways from this session:

  • Participants who complete this track will develop a map of creative resources available to them, draft a plan of action for using those creative resources to achieve a desired goal, and learn or practice more than a dozen creative facilitation activities they can use as individuals and within groups. There will be a short take-home overview of the tools and techniques practiced.
Dr. Richard Owen Geer is the founder and artistic director of Community Performance International, an organization that works with communities across the nation to find, craft, and tell their stories.

Dr. Qinghong Wei will co-facilitate this session. Dr. Wei’s research recognizes the intrinsic value of arts-based developmental models in promoting social change in communities. This change is guided by conversations that appreciate the past and present and engage groups in taking action toward the future.

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