Brushy Fork Annual Institute

Understanding the New Federal Grant Management Requirements

Track Leader: Conley Salyer

Over the days we are together, we will address your questions about the new federal grant management requirements – so prepare your list and bring your questions with you.

In addition to answering your questions, we will participate in lecture, small group activities, and gaming activities to learn and practice the new requirements. This track is not “easy,” but it is interesting and very stimulating for anyone involved in the program management or the financial management of federal grants.

Participants can expect to address the following areas:

  • Changes to Grant Management by Office of Management & Budget
  • Background on the federal grants process
  • Differences between (and when to use) grants, cooperative agreements, and contracts
  • Onsite reviews prior to grant award (pre-award inspections)
  • Building relationships with your federal grant overlords
  • Financial system requirements
  • Reporting requirements – financial and program progress reports
  • How to obtain changes to your grant when circumstances change
  • What is required of your purchasing system (procurement systems for recipients)
  • What are the key federal sets of rules that I must understand?
  • What are the federal remedies for my failure to properly administer the grant?
  • Closeout & Audit

Track Capacity: 10

Who should attend?

Individuals directly impacted by the new federal grant management requirements, including:

  • Executive Directors of nonprofits;
  • financial managers of nonprofits, colleges, or state and local government;
  • program managers of nonprofits, colleges, or state and local government;
  • and other recipients of federal grants.

Physical tools and takeaways from this session:

Ability to work within the new federal grant management requirements.

Each participant will also depart with a notebook of slides and notes explaining the new requirements to use as future reference material.


Conley Salyer is an attorney and organization improvement consultant in private practice in Lexington, Kentucky. He limits his practice to representation of nonprofit organizations domestically and internationally, including associations, stand-alone nonprofit organizations, foundations, and government agencies.Conley is also a national lecturer in federal grant and cooperative agreement management to federal agencies and nonprofit organizations. He was a presenter of three training sessions to the National Grant Management Association’s Annual Conference in 2012.

Conley is an Examiner, Baldrige Performance Excellence Program. He has taught nonprofit organization law for the University of Kentucky’s College of Law, Northern Kentucky University’s Masters of Public Administration Program, and the Brushy Fork Institute of Berea College. Conley was an associate visiting professor in Management at Berea College, 2011-2012. He also taught Business Ethics, Constitutional Law, and Financial Accounting at the college level.


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