Brushy Fork Annual Institute

Brushy Fork Leadership Curriculum Scholarships

Made available with support from the Appalachian Regional Commission and the Kentucky Department for Local Government

Type / availability: Community Scholarship / 3 Communities

Eligibility Requirements:

Scholarship Award: Up to $600 per community

  • $250 in scholarship funds for each individual coordinator
  • $100 lodging reimbursement credit upon submission of receipts

Additional Info:
In 2012, Brushy Fork began piloting its new leadership curriculum that draws on more than 20 years of experience working in and with Appalachian communities. The curriculum uses materials and media created by Brushy Fork but designed to be run by local volunteers.

At the 2013 Annual Institute, Brushy Fork will offer a track to provide participants with the skills and knowledge to organize a local program and conduct the leadership curriculum workshops on their own.

Brushy Fork will provide scholarships for six community coordinators (2 from each selected community) to participate in this Train the Trainer track.

As part of the scholarship application process, scholarship applicants will be required to demonstrate that the community is ready to take on implementation of the leadership curriculum. This work will take place with the expectation that the community will carry the program forward in the future on its own, using the first year to develop the capacity to do so.



If you have trouble completing the online application, please download and complete our offline form, which may be submitted via fax or email.

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