Brushy Fork Annual Institute

Scholarship Funds

We occasionally secure limited funding for participant scholarships to the Annual Institute through our grant partners, whose generous support provides for the following 2014 scholarship programs.

To determine scholarship funding, consideration is given to geographic distribution, promoting new participation, demonstrated effectiveness with previous development efforts, and other eligibility factors as outlined in the individual program guidelines, accessible through the links below.


Scholarship Program
Application Deadline
Lodging Credit
Promise Zone Emerging LeadersIndividualAugust 15$400 per individualN/A
Social Enterprise DevelopmentIndividualAugust 15$400 per individualN/A
ARDPI Community Philanthropy TeamCommunity Team (2)August 15$1050 per teamReimbursement of actual costs, limited to $600 max per team.
Berea College Appalachian FundIndividualJuly 15$400 per individualN/A
Brushy Fork Leadership Curriculum TeamCommunity Team (2)July 15$500 per community team50% of actual costs, limited to $400 max per team
KY-ARC Flex-E-Grant TeamCommunity Team (3)July 15$750 per team50% of actual costs, limited to $500 max per team


Other Sources of Funding

If you do not qualify for any of the scholarship funds listed above, there may be other avenues of funding available. Below are some suggestions:

  1. Seek sponsoring organizations.
  2. Partner with others who support your cause.
  3. If you are a member of an organization’s board, ask the organization to provide you with training to improve your input as a board member.
  4. Challenge organizations and agencies in your community to support leadership opportunities for local citizens.
  5. Request funding from special grant initiatives for nonprofit organizations.

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