Brushy Fork Annual Institute

Keynote Presentation

Dr. Richard Owen Geer
Founder and Artistic Director of Community Performance International
Thursday, September 24, 2015 at 11:00 a.m.

We’re glad to announce that Dr. Richard Owen Geer will be delivering our keynote address. Geer is the founder and artistic director of Community Performance International, an organization that works with communities across the nation to find, craft, and tell their stories.

People Magazine says “Director Richard Geer heals troubled communities with the magic of theatre–and the gift of new hope.” Geer has founded over a score of Community Performance groups, including Georgia’s Official Folk Life play “Swamp Gravy,” which was part of the Cultural Olympiad in Atlanta, Georgia, and also featured at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. In partnership with the International Storytelling Center, Geer and Community Performance International are pioneering ways to bring this transformational work to organizations and communities nationwide.

American Theatre Magazine calls Geer’s work a “gem of cultural democracy.” It has been showcased across America, as well as in England, Scotland, Brazil, and Chile. Geer holds a PhD. in Performance Studies from Northwestern University.

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