Brushy Fork Annual Institute

Bringing Contagious Health to Your Community

Early Bird Session Leader: Microclinic International Team & Kentucky Program Facilitators

Are you concerned about your health, the health of those around you, and the health of your community? With nearly 1 in 2 Americans with a chronic illness, chances are, we are all affected by chronic disease – whether directly by our own well-being, in our workplace by team productivity, or in our communities by the death and disabilities of loved ones.

Regardless of your mission or the mission of your organization, health and wellness can be incorporated into your work and civic involvement. Come learn about what you can do to tackle the problem of chronic disease at home, in your workplace, in your community, and anywhere else you seek to make a difference. You will have the opportunity to engage in participatory dialogue by exchanging your strategies for change with like-minded participants and will leave this session equipped to be a change-agent for health in your community.

Led by Microclinic International, a public health non-profit working in southeast Kentucky since 2011, this session will include a networking session, a facilitated discussion for participants to share solutions and experiences, presentations about barriers to health and best practices in the field, case study presentations on successful chronic disease interventions, and the invitation to participate in an opportunity to bring a free health and wellness program to your organization or community.

Who should attend?

  • Anyone interested in improving the health of his/her community
  • Anyone interested in bringing a health and wellness program to his/her workplace, church, or other organizations
  • Public health professionals interested in meeting others in the region

What can I expect to learn?

  • How to incorporate health and wellness into your organization
  • How to bring health and wellness to your community
  • Successful approaches to improve public health in resource-limited communities


Microclinic International (MCI) is a non-profit organization seeking to revolutionize how deadly diseases are prevented and managed in resource-limited communities around the world. Since 2011, MCI has launched multiple successful health and wellness initiatives in southeast Kentucky, including “Team Up 4 Health” and “Spread the Health Appalachia.” Building on cutting edge epidemiological evidence suggesting that healthy behaviors are transmittable across social networks, the Microclinic Model leverages human relationships to address diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. Come learn about how to apply the “contagious health” philosophy in your community from the MCI team and local Microclinic Program facilitators.

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