Brushy Fork Annual Institute

Community Diversity

Early Bird Session Leader: Monica Jones

The purpose of this session is to provide participants with educational opportunities not only to increase awareness of community diversity, but also to develop and enhance skills to help create more inclusive experiences.

This session will help participants explore how to maximize their service to others by raising awareness of personal and organizational norms, distinctiveness, and blind spots.

Participants will receive resources to assist with the creation of a positive community environment that helps individuals recognize and be knowledgeable of difference among community members.

What can I expect to learn?

  • How to increase your personal effectiveness and interactions with others
  • How to maximize nonprofit / community organizational effectiveness by ensuring positive engagement with various types of community members and constituencies served by your organization
  • Examples of how diversity can contribute to specific aspects of nonprofit organizational processes
  • Demonstrate a greater ability to recognize, appreciate and value your similarities and differences and those of others
  • Define diversity and its benefits, especially to the community
  • Identify barriers of diversity and their implications on you and your community
  • Become more aware of attitudes, values, feelings and beliefs that form perceptions, prejudices, stereotypes and biases that influence behaviors
Monica Jones is the Director of the Black Cultural Center at Berea College. She is completing her doctoral degree at Ohio University where she earned both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Previously, Monica was the Director of Diversity for Ohio University (Eastern, Lancaster and Zanesville campuses) as well as the former Director of Student Services on the Zanesville Campus. She has been employed within the higher educational arena for 15 years working directly with under-represented students from the Appalachian regions of Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky and Pennsylvania.

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