Brushy Fork Annual Institute

Self-Care and Leadership: Tools for Balance

Early Bird Session Leader: Carla Baumann

People in leadership positions face significant challenges and have opportunities for amazing rewards. Achieving balance between our personal and professional lives is a practice that helps us live with integrity and authenticity, enhancing our effectiveness as leaders.

Kick-off the Annual Institute by joining this “early bird” session to learn about self-care tools designed to help attendees rebalance and recharge.  By focusing on “deep and simple”, participants will complete a health and wellness assessment, participate in self-awareness practices, and have fun exploring ways effective leaders have found to balance the demands and rewards of leadership.

This early bird is for you if you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed with your work at the expense of your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Leave this three-hour workshop with simple self-care tools tailored to address the imbalances that you are experiencing. Be inspired to pursue a renewed sense of health and wellness and commitment to self-care practices that enhance your leadership effectiveness.


Carla Baumann is founder of Osage Nurse Coaching, PLLC.  With a 34-year background in public health nursing and administration, Baumann is currently an associate faculty member of the International Nurse Coach Association, a global community for learning and networking. She is actively involved with the local food movement, manages a certified organic community-supported agriculture (CSA) on the family-owned Lazy Eight Stock Farm in Paint Lick, KY, and practices coaching from the farm-based center for healing. Baumann chairs a local community health center, and is as an active board member of Community Farm Alliance, Berea Farmers Market, Paint Lick Clinic, and the New Opportunity School for Women. Throughout her career, she has been recognized for her leadership and innovative public health practices.She believes that nurses as coaches can support and inspire others to achieve a richer and more nourishing level of wellness.

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