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    Shirley Fowler Offers a Legacy of Support

    • Posted on by Jay Buckner
    • As a private money manager, Shirley Fowler has always been impressed by how Berea handles its finances. “I have watched your balance sheets with interest,” she once wrote President John Stephenson, “and I agree with your objectives. As you know, I have admired and supported Berea for years.” Tied to her understated admiration is a deep respect for the Berea mission born from personal experience. (more…)

    Kay Smith Offers Scholarships and Encouragement

    • Posted on by Jay Buckner
    • Kay Smith first learned about Berea College while she was a student enrolled at Sullins College in Virginia. During a convocation, the Sullins president’s wife mentioned Berea as one of those distinctive educational institutions that served Appalachia. “It just made such an impression on me,” Kay says. “Here’s a college that offers an education to those students who need it. I thought it was wonderful.” (more…)

    Gene Parr, ’49, and Joan Parr, ’48 Return the Gift of a Lifetime

    • Posted on by Jay Buckner
    • Alumni Gene and Joan Parr display an undeniable enthusiasm when discussing Berea. Memories of the campus in the 1940s abound, but the couple focuses most of Berea’s influence in creating purposeful lives. (more…)

    Tommy Boykin Thoughtfully Defines His Future at Berea

    • Posted on by Jay Buckner
    • What kind of socks does a physics major wear? Well, if you’re Tommy Boykin, there are two kinds of socks in the world: dress socks and black Nike athletic socks, specifically the running type that are engineered for each foot. On laundry day Tommy dutifully matches right with left, mashes them into a ball and puts them in the top drawer of his dresser in Blue Ridge, a residence hall at Berea. (more…)

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