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    Glimpsing Difference

    • Posted on by Zachary Thompson
    • Comparing the student experience at a big state university and a small private college (that provides full tuition scholarships for every student)

      In the Spring of 2012, EKU Junior Zachery Thompson interned in the Public Relations Office at Berea College. He compared the student life experience at Eastern Kentucky University — a large public university (over 17,000 students) with the student life experience at Berea College, a small, private liberal arts college with well under 1,700 students, all of whom receive full tuition scholarships for four years. (more…)

    Janice Blythe: From “R.D.” to “Dr.” with Kudos

    • Posted on by Jessica Roberge
    • Dr. Janice Blythe, Chairperson of Division III at Berea College, is interested in people and the influential choices they make. She teaches a variety of courses dealing with food, nutrition, and other decisions we make as families and individuals. (more…)

    Berea College Begins Construction on “Deep Green Residence Hall”

    • Posted on by Jay Buckner
    • Construction Webcam

      Deep Green Residence Hall real-time construction camera image
      Reload page to update or visit our construction dashboard.

      Berea College will begin construction on what will be the most energy-efficient residence hall in the commonwealth of Kentucky, if not the country, in April 2012. The three-story, 42,000 square foot building – referred to as the “Deep Green Residence Hall” – will be constructed adjacent to Boone Tavern Hotel & Restaurant and will house 120 students in 66 rooms. Construction is expected to be completed by August 2013. (more…)

    Home Energy Partners’ Workshop at Berea Public Library: an example of blending classroom and community

    • Posted on by Jessica Roberge
    • by Jessica Roberge ’13

      “All students have to live somewhere, so they need to know how to be energy efficient in whatever way they can,” said Berea College teacher Jason Coomes. Coomes has been a teacher at Berea College since 2008. He started out in Ecological Design in the Sustainability and Environmental Studies (SENS) program but in fall 2011 he switched to the Technology Industrial Arts program. This semester Coomes is teaching a course called Building Renovation Practicum. The course consists of focusing on renovating existing buildings to radically lower energy costs and energy usage for the building. Coomes had become familiar with the local organization Home Energy Partners and had his class attend one of their workshops to reinforce the material they had been learning in class. (more…)

    Dr. Jan Pearce: Living Liberal Arts

    • Posted on by WC Kilby
    • Jan Pearce, Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics, is a woman of many talents and passions. When asked about her interests, she responds with a deluge of answers that sound more like driving directions explaining her present position by telling where she has been. (more…)

    This is My Heart for You Play written by Silas House, Directed by Adanma Onyedike Barton

    • Posted on by Erica Cook
    • Appalachia is a multifaceted host with as many different faces as hollows and hills. Some are beautiful, kind, and accepting. Some are filled with hate, and some are caught in between, unsure of where they stand until the line is drawn for them. Far too often, the unique rhythms of this place are lost in the stereotypes by which it is often characterized. This is My Heart for You, the latest work of acclaimed regional author Silas House, refuses this trap, embracing some of the most difficult and complex topics facing modern Appalachia. In the writer’s own words the play is “a prayer for things to get better, for us all to have more understanding and compassion.” (more…)

    Dr. Ron Rosen: “Research is not something extra.”

    • Posted on by WC Kilby
    • ron-rosenMany individuals seem to find themselves at Berea somewhat serendipitously, knowing little about the institution before they arrive. Ron Rosen, Professor of Biology and Chair of Academic Division I, is not one of them. Before joining the Berea College family, Rosen taught at Union College in Barbourville, Kentucky. (more…)

    Dr. Robert Hoag: Discovering Truth in Philosophical Pursuits

    • Posted on by Erica Cook
    • by Erica Cook ’13
      Dr. Robert Hoag Passionate about the search for ethical and moral truth, Dr. Robert Hoag, Chairman of Division V, teaches philosophy courses in ethical and political philosophy and law at Berea College.


    Berea College Students Explore Poverty, Abundance and Peace

    • Posted on by Erica Cook
    • by Erica Cook ’13

      From November 13 to the 15, eight Berea College students traveled to the foothills of the Smoky Mountains in North Carolina to attend the 2011 Lake Junaluska Peace Conference. The conference was positioned in a beautiful setting, almost idyllic. The speakers focused their topics on “Poverty, Abundance, and Peace: Seeking Economic Justice for all God’s Children,” the theme of this year’s conference. (more…)

    Homecoming 2011 Reflections

    • Posted on by WC Kilby
    • WC Kilby, ’13, spent his Homecoming weekend interviewing students and alumni to find out what makes Berea so special, and what keeps Bereans old and new coming back. (more…)

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