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    Entrepreneurship for the Public Good’s “Appalachian Mobile Project”

    • Posted on by Jessica Roberge
    • Smartphones and social media on the Internet are revolutionizing the travel and recreation industries. The technologies involved are proving to be powerful tools for community economic development. (more…)

    Mountain Day 2012: a pictorial

    The Incredible Journey of Rev. Gail E. Bowman, J.D.

    • Posted on by Doug Widner
    • Gail E. Bowman grew up in Des Moines, Iowa, but both she and her older sister were born in Morgantown, West Virginia. Her father grew up in Des Moines, began his college work before World War II and was a Tuskegee airman during the war. But when he returned home newly married, and obtained his degree and teaching credentials, he was told that the school system In Des Moines would not be hiring any Negro teachers, veterans or otherwise. (more…)

    Dr. Rick Meadows: Learning Like a River

    • Posted on by WC Kilby
    • Rick Meadows, Associate Professor of French and Chair of the Division of English, Theatre, Communication, Music, and Foreign Languages, is not the most orthodox professor. He prefers games to lectures in his classes. He uses unusual discussion techniques and frequent visual metaphors. (more…)

    Berea College Forestry Tackles Invasives

    • Posted on by Bethany Cook
    • Protective gear guarding them against stray wood shards and the constant drone of the chainsaw, students Sam Marshall and Sean McCoy work together fluidly as a team. One continuously cuts shrubs down while the other sprays the remaining stump with blue herbicide and chucks the leftover shrubbery aside. (more…)

    Ragtime: the musical – Berea’s summer 2012 sensation

    • Posted on by Sam Gilbert
    • On July 6, 2012, Ragtime: the musical opened to boisterous applause. The student actors were confident and capable. After a month of rehearsals as well as voice training they had good reason to be.


    Glimpsing Difference

    • Posted on by Zachary Thompson
    • Comparing the student experience at a big state university and a small private college (that provides full tuition scholarships for every student)

      In the Spring of 2012, EKU Junior Zachery Thompson interned in the Public Relations Office at Berea College. He compared the student life experience at Eastern Kentucky University — a large public university (over 17,000 students) with the student life experience at Berea College, a small, private liberal arts college with well under 1,700 students, all of whom receive full tuition scholarships for four years. (more…)

    Janice Blythe: From “R.D.” to “Dr.” with Kudos

    • Posted on by Jessica Roberge
    • Dr. Janice Blythe, Chairperson of Division III at Berea College, is interested in people and the influential choices they make. She teaches a variety of courses dealing with food, nutrition, and other decisions we make as families and individuals. (more…)

    Berea College Begins Construction on “Deep Green Residence Hall”

    • Posted on by Jay Buckner
    • Construction Webcam

      Deep Green Residence Hall real-time construction camera image
      Reload page to update or visit our construction dashboard.

      Berea College will begin construction on what will be the most energy-efficient residence hall in the commonwealth of Kentucky, if not the country, in April 2012. The three-story, 42,000 square foot building – referred to as the “Deep Green Residence Hall” – will be constructed adjacent to Boone Tavern Hotel & Restaurant and will house 120 students in 66 rooms. Construction is expected to be completed by August 2013. (more…)

    Home Energy Partners’ Workshop at Berea Public Library: an example of blending classroom and community

    • Posted on by Jessica Roberge
    • by Jessica Roberge ’13

      “All students have to live somewhere, so they need to know how to be energy efficient in whatever way they can,” said Berea College teacher Jason Coomes. Coomes has been a teacher at Berea College since 2008. He started out in Ecological Design in the Sustainability and Environmental Studies (SENS) program but in fall 2011 he switched to the Technology Industrial Arts program. This semester Coomes is teaching a course called Building Renovation Practicum. The course consists of focusing on renovating existing buildings to radically lower energy costs and energy usage for the building. Coomes had become familiar with the local organization Home Energy Partners and had his class attend one of their workshops to reinforce the material they had been learning in class. (more…)

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