Appalachian Fund

Applying for a Grant

Application Process

Unless there is an emergency situation, the Fund’s board of trustees reviews requests once a year in December. All funding requests for the 2015 grant cycle must be received at the Appalachian Fund Office by 5:00 pm on Friday, October 17, 2014. Applications received after this deadline will not be accepted. Requests should be submitted in accordance with our Grant Application Guidelines.

Here’s the process:

  • Submit Grant Application Cover Sheet and completed application by deadline.
  • • The text box on the Grant Application Sheet containing the brief description of what the requested funds will be used for must be completed. Do not use statements such as ‘see enclosed text’.
  • Grant applications narratives must be no more than three pages in length, not counting the cover page. Applications exceeding this length will not be accepted.
  • Submit report on prior year grant (if applicable) by same deadline.
  • Trustees meet in December to review grant requests.
  • You will be notified in January whether your request was approved or denied.
  • Checks are typically issued in January and July.

Reporting Requirements

All current grantees are required to submit a grant report on the use of the prior year’s funds before another grant application will be considered. The deadline for reports on grants awarded in 2014 coincides with the 2015 grant proposal deadline: Friday, October 17, 2014. Reports must follow our Grant Report Guidelines. Grant report narratives cannot exceed three pages in length, not counting the cover page. Reports exceeding this length will not be accepted.

Any questions can be addressed to David Cooke, , 859-985-3941

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