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Appalachian Fund Affiliation

In 1955, the Appalachian Fund adopted a new plan to affiliate with certain organizations it funded. To become an affiliate, a grantee had to meet several standards:

  • It would have to be involved in giving direct assistance to people;
  • Its work must have won acceptance by the people of the community and also among professionals; and
  • The program should not be a short-term endeavor but should give signs of “a very good degree of permanence.”

(Paraphrased from To Make a Difference, by Tom Parrish)

The Berea College Appalachian Fund continues to believe in building the long-term capacity of organizations that address critical health, education and social needs within the Appalachian region. As a result, the Fund continues an affiliate relationship with some organizations that it has funded for several years. An organization may be invited by the board of trustees to become an affiliate of the Appalachian Fund after three successive years of funding.

While becoming an affiliate does not guarantee continued funding, it is a sign that the Fund considers the work of the organization to be exemplary and necessary. Affiliates are invited to an annual gathering in Berea to share lessons and ideas with nonprofit colleagues and members of the Berea College community.

Current Affiliates

Berea College Appalachian Center Berea, KY
Berea College Brushy Fork Institute Berea, KY
Big Sandy Area Child Advocacy Center Pikeville, KY
The David School David, KY
Frontier School of Midwifery & Family Nursing Hyden, KY
Henderson Settlement School Frakes, KY
Hindman Settlement School Hindman, KY
Hospice Care Plus Berea, KY
Hot Springs Health Program Marshall, NC
Lend-a-Hand Center Walker, KY
New Opportunity School for Women Berea, KY
Paint Lick Family Clinic Paint Lick, KY
Pike County Domestic Violence Board Pikeville, KY
Pine Mountain Settlement School Pine Mountain, KY
Red Bird Clinic Beverly, KY
Red Bird Mission, Inc. Beverly, KY
School Sisters of St. Francis Eastern KY
UK Traveling Children’s Diabetes Program Lexington, KY
Union Church Berea, KY

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