Loyal Jones Appalachian Center

Faculty and Staff

Program Staff

Chris Green, Director, Loyal Jones Appalachian Center and Associate Professor of Appalachian Studies.

Christopher Miller, Associate Director & Curator, Appalachian Center; College Curator, Berea College

Jason Howard, Editor, Appalachian Heritage

Sheila Lyons, Program Associate

Associated Faculty

Silas House, NEH Chair in Appalachian Studies

Chad Berry, Academic Vice President and Dean of the Faculty, Goode Professor of Appalachian Studies, Professor of History

bell hooks, Distinguished Professor in Residence in Appalachian Studies

Student Staff

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Lizbeth Saucedo, Research & Writing Associate, Lizbeth_Saucedo@berea.edu

Maggie Smith, Program & Events Associate, Maggie_Smith@berea.edu

Kenny Madden, Operations Associate, Kenneth_Madden@berea.edu

Jonita Horn, Operations Assistant, Jonita_Horn@berea.edu

Sam Gleaves, Teaching Assistant for Silas House, Samuel_Gleaves@berea.edu

Nicole Reynolds, Library Associate, Brittiny_Reynolds@berea.edu

Matt Heil, Curatorial Associate, Collections Manager, Matthew_Heil@berea.edu

Caroline Hughes, Curatorial Assistant for Exhibits and Media,  Caroline_Hughes@berea.edu



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