Loyal Jones Appalachian Center

Needs, Goals and Outcomes

Some of the most pressing regional needs to be addressed by Grow Appalachia are:

  • Basic diet-related health concerns – obesity, diabetes, heart disease.
  • Limited availability of high-quality fresh produce.
  • Generational loss of knowledge of gardening, cooking, and food preservation skills.
  • Widespread economic dependency and lack of autonomy.

Some of the planned outcomes will be:

  • Provide mountain families the resources and support to produce more of their own food.
  • Develop systems to share surplus produce with elderly and disabled folks at little or no cost.
  • Create systems to market surplus produce to local residents or, cooperatively, to a wider regional market.
  •  Families benefiting from this program will agree to help other families as they are able to maximize the impact of the program.

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