Office of Admissions

Admissions Staff

Debora Alexander, Communication Operations Assistant

Jessica Amburgey, Assistant Director of Admissions, Coordinator of Recruitment and Outreach

Adam Bailey, Admissions Counselor, International Admissions Liaison

Erin Connor, Family Engagement Counselor

Wesley Gift, Communications, Web and Digital Specialist

Stephany Hernandez, Admissions Counselor

Brian Hill, Admissions Counselor

Luke Hodson, Director of Admissions

Sarah McQueen, Campus Visits and Events Specialist

Ashley Offutt, Admissions Counselor

Rebecca Parrish, Assistant Director of Admissions, Coordinator of Campus Visits and Events

Jacob Patton, Coordinator of Information Systems & Communications

Danielle Robbins, Communication & Information Analyst

Joey Shepherd, Admissions Counselor

Carl Thomas, Associate Director of Admissions, Coordinator of Minority Services

Jennifer Whittemore, Campus Visits & Events Associate


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