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The Office of the Registrar is available to assist students, faculty, and alumni with a variety of services. We maintain academic records on all students, oversee registration, degree audits, declaration of major and credit transfer. We provide transcripts, enrollment verifications, and answer any questions pertaining to these transactions.

In addition, the Office of the Registrar maintains access to the academic calendar, class schedule, and college catalog and is responsible for school compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

 Important Dates and Deadlines

Spring 2015

January 6                             Classes begin

January 13                           Syllabi due

January 19                          Martin Luther King, Jr. Observance (classes cancelled)

February 16                        Declaration of Major process begins

February 17                        Deadline for Designation of Exploratory Area of Interest for first-                                                          year students

February 23                        Window opens for DOM program review (closes March 8)

February 24                        Labor Day (classes cancelled)

February 24                        Mid-term grades due

February 25-27                    Summer term registration

March 2                                Spring Break begins

March 9                                Classes resume

March 20                             Curriculum plans due for DOM

March 30-April 8                 Fall term registration

April 23                                 Classes end

April 24                                 Reading period

April 27-30                           Final Exams

May 1                                    Final grades due for graduating seniors

May 3                                    Baccalaureate and Commencement services

May 5                                    Final grades due for non-graduates

Summer 2015

May 11                                 First 4-week and 8-week terms begin

May 25                                 Memorial Day (classes cancelled)

June 5                                   First 4-week term ends

June 8                                   Second 4-week term begins

June 9                                   Final grades due for first 4-week term

July 2                                     Second 4-week and 8-week terms end

July 7                                     Final grades due for second 4-week and 8-week terms

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